Payment Reconciliation, Simplified.
Find and trace issues in marketplace settlements, with the snap of a finger.

Common Reconciliation Errors

Commission overcharges

You could be charged higher commissions due to errors such as wrongly-identified product categories.

Fixed Closing Fees

Closing fees could be miscalculated due to various reasons, causing overcharges.

Return Commission

Marketplaces charge commissions on every return. Simultaneously, original commissions are reversed. Since there's scope for errors to creep in, these instances need to be tracked for accuracy.

Order cancellation charges

Marketplaces charge sellers for any cancellations of orders. Improper processing of these charges can cause mismatches.

Collection fees

This marketplace-specific fee is levied on each transaction. Miscalculation of this fee can lead to discrepancies.


Discrepancies can occur in the settlement of reimbursements requested by the seller.

How LogiRecon works

Cashflow forecasting

Get a 360° view of your receivables and structure your cashflow accordingly. Map the future of your business with greater clarity.




LogiRecon is extremely secure with high standards of data privacy. Logibricks is VAPT and ISO 27001 certified and currently undergoing and SOC 2 Type 1 certification.

Top Features

Complete debtor reconciliation

Fool-proof reconciliation of settlements across marketplaces

No data formatting/editing required

Upload order & settlement data with zero editing or reformatting

Discrepancy report for marketplaces

Download discrepancy-wise reports which can be shared with marketplaces to reclaim your money

What users say about LogiRecon


“If marketplace settlements are not reconciled correctly, a significant portion of your earnings go down the drain. But manual reconciliation takes hours and hours of effort. LogiRecon helped us save money, time and effort in the reconciliation process.”

Abhay Chaurasia

“LogiRecon is an absolutely essential tool for any seller active on marketplaces! A true life-saver.”

Raghav Singh

“Automated payment recon tools like LogiRecon make the lives of us sellers so much easier. All that time I spent analysing excel sheets, I can actually spend that on the well-being of my business. ”

Sanjana Jain

“Reconciling settlements is a task I used to find annoying. Now, with LogiRecon, it’s something that can be done perfectly in just a few minutes!”

Hasan Khan